MICE tourism – The key to success of enterprises

During the global economic downturn, the level of competition in the market has increased. Therefore, enterprises need to develop their own strategies if they want to survive and develop sustainably. Obviously, 9 out of 10 businesses that want to develop their business are concerned with these issues:

  • How to expand a business in different markets?
  • How to attract and find out big investors and partners while the capital of your business is not enough?
  • The key to build and maintain customer loyalty especially in the competitive market, customers have innumerable options.
  • Is your remuneration truly good? Do you have the confidence to keep the best employees while your rival is always trying to attract them?

Vietwind will help you solve the problems that any business is facing! A MICE company that offers advice on Human Resources and Business solutions? It seems to be unreasonable but we can do it.

I. MICE tourism

MICE tourism is the choice of many enterprises because it not only meet the needs of sightseeing, relaxation but also is the opportunity to seek partners, develop business and expand market segment. It offers different experiences as well as superior value compared to leisure travel that only focuses on sightseeing, dining and relaxation. Big enterprises consider MICE as a long-term strategic investment for their business.

What is MICE tourism?

MICE stands for Meeting – Incentive – Conference – Event / Exhibition. This is a type of tourism combining conferences and seminars of enterprises when they want to reward outstanding employees or express their thanks to big partners and customers. Travelers attending MICE activities have a purpose beyond leisure tourism and are in fact business travelers.

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In the meeting, people from corporate organizations come together in one place to share information, discuss and solve problem. During the meeting, there will be tea break served.  In the MICE and event industry, we support board meeting, management meeting, training seminal and other larger scale meetings that need careful venue, itinerary and other logistical planning.

This is a perfect way of combining business with pleasure. You will enjoy having your meetings organized in new country where you can discover majestic lands, regional cuisine as well as traditional culture.


Incentive is corporate-sponsored trips for loyal clients, distributors, potential partner and excellent employees. Unlike the other categories of MICE tourism, incentive focus on leisure rather than business. Enterprises use incentive to reward performance, motivate work effort and create company loyalty. The company rewards out standing individuals by sending them on trips. The incentive trip normally lasts 3 days with luxury stays, tour packages and some special activities such as team building, gala dinner


Conference is a large event where hundreds or thousands people participate. These people share ideas, views and information of common interest. A conference is normally organized with a individual theme by an association once a year. Because of the large scale, a conference requires professional management and a long time to select the site.

MICE conference


Exhibition is professionally organized event to show to show new products, services and information to to potential customers. The customers or the public need to have an invitation letter or ticket to join in the exhibition. The exhibition is organized for the purposes of getting sales leads, building network for influential contacts and building the company’s image.

 II. The difficulties enterprises encounter while organizing MICE tourism

Although MICE is an effective solution to help enterprises grow their businesses, not every enterprise can organize MICE – a form of luxury tourism requires profession. If you have no experience of organizing MICE the following problems are likely to arise:

1. Choosing an inappropriate venue

  • Underdeveloped economy
  • Political Instability
  • Traffic inconvenience
  • Underdeveloped infrastructure
  • Lack of natural landscapes

2. Unprofessional organization

  • Arranging time illogically.
  • The event is boring, lack of creativity.
  • Difficult to operate a large-scale MICE tour.
  • Lack of professional skills to solve unexpected problems

3. Costly organization

The cost of organizing MICE is a significant factor that enterprises always concern. MICE is a form of high-end tourism so it requires the perfection from luxury accommodation, convenience catering to modern facilities and professional services. To organize MICE, enterprises must spend a large amount of money and often face the unnecessary derived expenses if they are lack of experience in organizing and managing.

Let Vietwind solve all your troubles!

 III. Why Vietwind?

Choosing the right company that organizes MICE tourism is always the big concern of enterprises. A travel company can’t afford to provide the latest equipment, professional M.C, special entertaining programs for major events. Similarly, an event company can not offer a variety of tours with a dedicated tour guide team.

Vietwind is the best option when you want to organize MICE. We always want to bring the best services in the field of meeting, incentive, conference, event and tourism; contributing to the development and success of our clients.From corporate events to theme parties, nothing is too complicated for Vietwind. We bring years of experience and exceptional support for your event and make your trip perfect.

What will you get from us?


With a wealth of experience in event sectors, Vietwind manages your event the way you want and makes it special


We have a dedicated and flexible team who all has a passion for creativity and a desire to push the limits in everything we do.


We provide the newest team building games which motivate people and build team spirit. This is interesting activity in MICE tourism.


Vietwind offers you the flexibility to choose your own path. Just tell us when your plan, budget and your special interests, our skillful team will match your requirements.


As a long-term partner with airline agents and luxury hotels, we usually receive preferential rate. Therefore, a reasonable cost is what our clients will always get.


Travel insurance provides cover should you face expensive medical bills if you’re injured or taken ill, or if something goes wrong with your trip.

Vietwind is proud to be one of the leading professional MICE companies in Vietnam. Our success comes from the trust of over 300 loyal partners who have supported and selected Vietwind as a companion. Come to Vietwind, you will be satisfied with the Profession – Creation – Conscientiousness


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